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Welcome to Life Associates and The Center for Managing By Values
Significantly transforming and enriching the lives of individuals and organizations.

High-performing organizations commit to a core set of values, and adopt business practices that align with these values. The result is a scenario in which everyone - Customers, Employees, Owners and Significant other stakeholders (CEOS) - wins.

This is the fundamental premise of Managing By Values®. A philosophy and a process developed by renowned speaker, coach and author Dr. Michael O'Connor, MBV® has been used by Fortune 500 companies worldwide to increase their effectiveness.

Building on the foundation of Managing By Values®, the Center offers a variety of educational products, including webinars and workshops, as well as consulting services, to help organizations overcome challenges, adapt to change, and achieve long-term growth and stability. Our clients are among the most successful organizations in the world.

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"These assessment and development tools have been a tremendous resource for our organization's strategic focus on hiring and developing winners and continuously improving both our productivity and morale along the way."
- Bret Skousen, Director of Management & Organizational Development, Black & Decker // Read more testimonials

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